At the Cedar Street block parties, neighbors bring their own drinks. Sharing a toast back in 2011 are (from left) Johanna Wen, Gabriella Gillette and Daniella Gillette.

Block Parties

August 2014

Getting to know the neighbors

Mari and Dale Rude met when both were dorm resident assistants at Iowa State University, responsible for making sure a floor of 50 or so disparate students interacted. Forty years later, Mari, a nurse practitioner, and Dale, associate professor of management at the University of Houston, are still helping people interact. But now they do …

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Sky high
Days after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Ryan Magaziner headed to Israel on Birthright, a heritage trip for Jewish young adults, with a few other Houstonians including Cory Levy, Ben Grotta, Brette Machiorlette and Jesse Vogel. Ryan then extended his trip to travel through Europe with a group of recently graduated buddies. Their trip …

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In This Issue

  • West U Champs: The Scoop from West U Seniors
  • West U Seniors Competing in the World Championship
  • Buzz About Town – August 2014
  • Mailbag – August 2014
  • Buzz Kidz by Matthew McGuire, age 11
  • Buzz Home – It’s a labor of love
  • Back Porch – Parents embarrassing their kids
  • Competitive Sports
  • Editor’s Note – August 2014
  • SportzBuzz – August 2014
  • SportzBuzz, Jr. – August 2014
  • Block Parties
  • Neighborhood Tails – Steve, age 3
  • School Buzz – Introducing our correspondents
  • This Month in Dining – August 2014
  • Travel Buzz – Stepping out of the bubble
  • Summer Internship Conclusion
  • An Intern’s Insight: Reflections on Working at The Buzz & The Value of an Internship
  • An Intern’s Insight: The Buzz at The Health Museum
  • An Interns’ Insight: The Buzz Explores the Houston Zoo
  • An Interns’ Insight: A Trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science
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  • Freshmen Feelings on High School
  • The Final Year
  • Be the Change
  • Summertime Highlights
  • Houston Chronicle Broadens Horizons for Young Journalists
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