“Don’t tell us what you think we want to hear” and “Be yourself” are two pieces of advice The University of Texas at Austin gives about college-application essays. (Photo: The University of Texas at Austin)

Applying to College

December 2014

How to survive the process

I confess: When my son was 18 months old, I sent him to a nursery school that required an interview – with him – as part of the admissions process. Word on the parents’ benches at the playground was that the school was a “Baby Ivy” (we were in Manhattan), a “feeder school” for good …

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Maple Street mingled
Bellaire neighbors from Maple Street, including (pictured, from left) Nathan Wesley, Naveen Patni, Mark Ward, Clay Lilienstein, Phebe Chen, Rebecca Lilienstein, Mike McCorkle, Bob and Carol Purcell, and Lois and Jim Guehring, gathered on their block for National Night Out. They learned from Bellaire police representatives about the newly revitalized Neighborhood Watch program and other …

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  • Buzz Kidz by Jeremiah Mee, age 12
  • Cooking Buzz – Most wonderful time of the year
  • Mailbag – December 2014
  • SportzBuzz – December 2014
  • Party Time
  • Keeping Traditions
  • Neighborhod Tails – Misty, age 8
  • Publisher’s Note – December 2014
  • SportzBuzz, Jr. – December 2014
  • Back Porch – Standing on (holiday) ceremony
  • This Month in Dining – Holiday wine: What Houston’s experts would like to drink
  • Travel Buzz – Life lessons in the Yucatan with Dad
  • Buzz About Town – December 2014
  • Dogs About Town
  • Happy Hanukkah
  • Applying to College
  • Throwback Thursday: Pet of the Year Contest
  • Santa Sightings this Holiday Season
  • 2014 Bellaire Buzz Pet of the Year Contest
  • Cold-weather Tips to Stay Safe and Warm
  • Fall Into Fun in the City of Bellaire
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  • Holiday Spirit at St. John’s School
  • Midterm Advice from Westbury Christian Teachers
  • Q & A with Stratford’s Departing Principal, Christopher Juntti
  • Santa for a Day: Project Santa 2014
  • Four Seasons eMotions Dance Show
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