Buzz Kidz by George W. Jordan IV, age 10

February 2012

Sketching his way through

I entered the world of drawing when I was 6. Many things inspire me to draw today. Ever since I saw the movie The Chronicles of Narnia, I have loved fantasy creatures. Likewise, superheroes have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. More recently, I have been impressed by the details of Marvel and DC Comics character drawings. My preferred drawing style is cartoons.

George Jordan says drawing helps him express feelings of freedom.

My passion for drawing took a new turn when I began attending West University Elementary in first grade; everything was unfamiliar. I did not have the courage to make friends and focused only on class work. At school there was a bookmark contest, with two winners to be chosen for each grade level. I was so excited to finally have a chance to show my passion to my school. When I arrived home I started working on my bookmark. After I finished I turned in the bookmark and waited. A week later I was announced as one of the bookmark winners in the first grade. As a result, my bookmark was sold at Barnes and Noble.

I love to draw, but for many reasons. Drawing is a way for me to express my feeling of freedom. This allows me to draw whatever I want, in any style. All I have to do is bring a sketch book with me wherever I go and I can draw anywhere.

Yes, I love drawing, but I recognize it might not pay my bills when I grow up. For my career I have several things I am interested in doing for a living. I’m thinking of being a lawyer like my father since I’m good at arguing with facts. I’m also interested in being an architect because I sometimes like to draw buildings.

Drawing is a special hobby. It is one that I must practice to master, and one that I will continue.

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