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Buzz Kidz by Jack Brentin, age 13, and Riley Farrar, 13

September 2005
Jack Brentin, Riley Farrar, Andrew Gesparis, Kelsey Morgan, Ryan Thrasher, Andrew Hoffman, Matt Hoffman, Damian Gallagher, with camp counselors Gabe Lucas and Chelsea Cankar

Wakeboarding is a blast

A bunch of Bellaire kids, including ourselves, went to this really cool wakeboarding camp this past July at Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas. Not only did we get to do lots of wakeboarding, but we also got to wakeskate, kneeboard, wakesurf, water ski and skateboard. Even if we didn’t know how to do these …

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Buzz About Town – September 2005

September 2005

Brag on the Barons
The Bellaire Barons are a group of 15 seven-year-olds that just love to play baseball. This scrappy summer team came together in June, and played in three tournaments. The Barons, sponsored by Harris Machine Works, took first place in the Westbury Tournament and second place in the Katy tournament. Way to go Barons!

Fifty years and

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Are You Ready for Some Football, Again?

September 2005
Bellaire High School’s Charles Cheeks and Lamar High School’s David Bracht (Photo by Bill Baptist)

In a place like Texas, football might seem to be a constant, like hot weather and the presence of ageless oaks.

But in the state’s largest city, football has been more like the Texas cowboy – once a dominant feature of the landscape, then a vanishing presence – still with us, but buried under the busy comings and goings of …

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Free at Last: Getting My Own Wheels

September 2005
Julia Gabriel behind the wheel of “Clifford the Big Red Dog”

My name is Julia Gabriel and I have been “free” now for about 3 1/2 months. Not from prison, well sort of, the prison of my parent’s home and car. They have held me captive for sixteen years and I have finally escaped. I have my license. The day I got my license, I knew that life would be different …

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Traveling Solo With Your Kids

September 2005
Sean, Gentry, Harrison, and Cabot on their first “Daddy’s Trip” in 2003

When Sean Barton drives out of his driveway to start a vacation, he asks his children which way he should go – right or left. Now this may be a slightly different way to choose where your vacation destination will be, but that’s not the only thing different about this trip – Sean’s wife, Beth, is not in the car …

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Bellaire’s Steel Magnolia

September 2005
Karenlynn Williams with six of her eleven children (Photo by Bill Baptist)

How a single mother found room for four more

I arrived at ten in the morning as scheduled. As the front door opened, there was Karenlynn Williams, sitting on a rocking chair giving a baby a bottle. The room included two cribs and an armoire for clothes. Several other items revealed this was the nursery, except for a lovely crystal …

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Neighborhood Tails – Barney, age 2

September 2005

Barney, age 2
Woodstock Street

Hello. My name is “Barney the Beagle!” I am two years old and live with my fellow pets, Beau and Tiger. I am the cutest of course! Nobody knows exactly where my nose will take me. My ambition is to roam the neighborhood with my nose as my guide. I began my “escaping act” …

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Sign of the Times

September 2005
Rachel, 15 months, signs her approximate version of “hurt” to her mom, recounting a head bump earlier in the day. (Photo courtesy of Signing Smart TM)

Just can’t wait to communicate with your baby? You might consider letting their fingers do the talking.

A new trend in child development promises less frustrated, intellectually stimulated babies who can talk by the time they are one year old. No kidding. It’s called American Sign Language and plenty of parents in West University are signing up their babies.

“It …

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car

September 2005
Newly-licensed drivers Ashley Tucker and Julia Gabriel

When your teen starts to drive

Sweet sixteen. It’s a right of passage for every teenager. And surely, one of the most memorable things about that 16th year is the trip down to the Department of Public Safety to get your driver’s license. A license is a huge step, not just for teens, but also for their parents. For a …

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Happy Marriages Take Hard Work

September 2005
Judy Nunn, M.A. LMFT

We all get to choose who in the world we would most like to love and be with. We choose that person; and then, we all have a really hard time loving them. – Anne Grizzle, therapist

Hundreds of movies have been made about it. Songs and sonnets will forever be written about it. The moment you fall in love. …

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